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Recent Publications

Agrawal, D.K., Tang, X., Westbrook, A., Marshall, R., Maxwell, C.S., Lucks, J., Noireaux, V., Beisel, C.L., Dunlop, M.J., and Franco, E. (2018). Mathematical Modeling of RNA-Based Architectures for Closed Loop Control of Gene Expression. ACS Synth Biol.

Chan, C.W., Kiesel, B.R., and Mondragon, A. (2018). Crystal Structure of Human Rpp20/Rpp25 Reveals Quaternary Level Adaptation of the Alba Scaffold as Structural Basis for Single-stranded RNA Binding. J Mol Biol.

Daffern, N., Chen, Z., Zhang, Y., Pick, L., and Radhakrishnan, I. (2018). Solution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of the Ligand-Binding Domain of an Orphan Nuclear Receptor Reveal a Dynamic Helix in the Ligand-Binding Pocket. Biochemistry 57, 1977-1986.

de Paz, A.M., Cybulski, T.R., Marblestone, A.H., Zamft, B.M., Church, G.M., Boyden, E.S., Kording, K.P., and Tyo, K.E.J. (2018). High-resolution mapping of DNA polymerase fidelity using nucleotide imbalances and next-generation sequencing. Nucleic Acids Res.

Erbas, A., de la Cruz, M.O., and Marko, J.F. (2018). Effects of electrostatic interactions on ligand dissociation kinetics. Phys Rev E 97, 022405.

Jackobel, A.J., Han, Y., He, Y., and Knutson, B.A. (2018). Breaking the mold: structures of the RNA polymerase I transcription complex reveal a new path for initiation. Transcription.

Jayakanthan, S., Braiterman, L.T., Hasan, N.M., Unger, V.M., and Lutsenko, S. (2017). Human copper transporter ATP7B (Wilson disease protein) forms stable dimers in vitro and in cells. J Biol Chem 292, 18760-18774.

Kang, M.K., and Tullman-Ercek, D. (2018). Engineering expression and function of membrane proteins. Methods.

Kenney, G.E., Dassama, L.M.K., Pandelia, M.E., Gizzi, A.S., Martinie, R.J., Gao, P., DeHart, C.J., Schachner, L.F., Skinner, O.S., Ro, S.Y., Zhu, X., Sadek, M., Thomas, P.M., Almo, S.C., Bollinger, J.M., Jr., Krebs, C., Kelleher, N.L., and Rosenzweig, A.C. (2018). The biosynthesis of methanobactin. Science 359, 1411-1416.

Kightlinger, W., Lin, L., Rosztoczy, M., Li, W., DeLisa, M.P., Mrksich, M., and Jewett, M.C. (2018). Design of glycosylation sites by rapid synthesis and analysis of glycosyltransferases. Nat Chem Biol.

Klosowiak, J.L., Park, S., Smith, K.P., French, M.E., Focia, P.J., Freymann, D.M., and Rice, S.E. (2016). Structural insights into Parkin substrate lysine targeting from minimal Miro substrates. Sci Rep 6, 33019.

Kraft, L.M., and Lackner, L.L. (2018). Mitochondrial anchors: Positioning mitochondria and more. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 500, 2-8.

Labbadia, J., Brielmann, R.M., Neto, M.F., Lin, Y.F., Haynes, C.M., and Morimoto, R.I. (2017). Mitochondrial Stress Restores the Heat Shock Response and Prevents Proteostasis Collapse during Aging. Cell Rep 21, 1481-1494.

Levitz, J., Habrian, C., Bharill, S., Fu, Z., Vafabakhsh, R., and Isacoff, E.Y. (2016). Mechanism of Assembly and Cooperativity of Homomeric and Heteromeric Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors. Neuron 92, 143-159.

Li, K., Rodosthenous, R.S., Kashanchi, F., Gingeras, T., Gould, S.J., Kuo, L.S., Kurre, P., Lee, H., Leonard, J.N., Liu, H., Lombo, T.B., Momma, S., Nolan, J.P., Ochocinska, M.J., Pegtel, D.M., Sadovsky, Y., Sanchez-Madrid, F., Valdes, K.M., Vickers, K.C., Weaver, A.M., Witwer, K.W., Zeng, Y., Das, S., Raffai, R.L., and Howcroft, T.K. (2018). Advances, challenges, and opportunities in extracellular RNA biology: insights from the NIH exRNA Strategic Workshop. JCI Insight 3.

Liu, X., Vien, T., Duan, J., Sheu, S.H., DeCaen, P.G., and Clapham, D.E. (2018). Polycystin-2 is an essential ion channel subunit in the primary cilium of the renal collecting duct epithelium. Elife 7.

Morgan, M.A.J., Rickels, R.A., Collings, C.K., He, X., Cao, K., Herz, H.M., Cozzolino, K.A., Abshiru, N.A., Marshall, S.A., Rendleman, E.J., Sze, C.C., Piunti, A., Kelleher, N.L., Savas, J.N., and Shilatifard, A. (2017). A cryptic Tudor domain links BRWD2/PHIP to COMPASS-mediated histone H3K4 methylation. Genes Dev 31, 2003-2014.

Mullen, T.J., and Wignall, S.M. (2017). Interplay between microtubule bundling and sorting factors ensures acentriolar spindle stability during C. elegans oocyte meiosis. PLoS Genet 13, e1006986.

O'Flaherty, D.K., Kamat, N.P., Mirza, F.N., Li, L., Prywes, N., and Szostak, J.W. (2018). Copying of Mixed-Sequence RNA Templates inside Model Protocells. J Am Chem Soc 140, 5171-5178.

Parisien, J.P., Lenoir, J.J., Mandhana, R., Rodriguez, K.R., Qian, K., Bruns, A.M., and Horvath, C.M. (2018). RNA sensor LGP2 inhibits TRAF ubiquitin ligase to negatively regulate innate immune signaling. EMBO Rep.

Purohit, R., Ross, M.O., Batelu, S., Kusowski, A., Stemmler, T.L., Hoffman, B.M., and Rosenzweig, A.C. (2018). Cu(+)-specific CopB transporter: Revising P1B-type ATPase classification. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 115, 2108-2113.

Rima, B., Collins, P., Easton, A., Fouchier, R., Kurath, G., Lamb, R.A., Lee, B., Maisner, A., Rota, P., and Wang, L.F. (2018). Problems of classification in the family Paramyxoviridae. Arch Virol 163, 1395-1404.

Sanders, S.J., Campbell, A.J., Cottrell, J.R., Moller, R.S., Wagner, F.F., Auldridge, A.L., Bernier, R.A., Catterall, W.A., Chung, W.K., Empfield, J.R., George, A.L., Jr., Hipp, J.F., Khwaja, O., Kiskinis, E., Lal, D., Malhotra, D., Millichap, J.J., Otis, T.S., Petrou, S., Pitt, G., Schust, L.F., Taylor, C.M., Tjernagel, J., Spiro, J.E., and Bender, K.J. (2018). Progress in Understanding and Treating SCN2A-Mediated Disorders. Trends Neurosci.

Smith, L.M., and Kelleher, N.L. (2018). Proteoforms as the next proteomics currency. Science 359, 1106-1107.

Sump, B., and Brickner, J.H. (2017). Nup98 regulation of histone methylation promotes normal gene expression and may drive leukemogenesis. Genes Dev 31, 2201-2203.

Tanaka, K.J., Song, S., Mason, K., and Pinkett, H.W. (2018). Selective substrate uptake: The role of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) importers in pathogenesis. Biochim Biophys Acta 1860, 868-877.

Vaeth, M., Yang, J., Yamashita, M., Zee, I., Eckstein, M., Knosp, C., Kaufmann, U., Karoly Jani, P., Lacruz, R.S., Flockerzi, V., Kacskovics, I., Prakriya, M., and Feske, S. (2017). ORAI2 modulates store-operated calcium entry and T cell-mediated immunity. Nat Commun 8, 14714.

Velasco, E., Wang, S., Sanet, M., Fernandez-Vazquez, J., Jove, D., Glaria, E., Valledor, A.F., O'Halloran, T.V., and Balsalobre, C. (2018). A new role for Zinc limitation in bacterial pathogenicity: modulation of alpha-hemolysin from uropathogenic Escherichia coli. Sci Rep 8, 6535.

Verma, K.D., Massing, J.O., Kamper, S.G., Carney, C.E., MacRenaris, K.W., Basilion, J.P., and Meade, T.J. (2017). Synthesis and evaluation of MR probes for targeted-reporter imaging. Chem Sci 8, 5764-5768.

Wytock, T.P., Fiebig, A., Willett, J.W., Herrou, J., Fergin, A., Motter, A.E., and Crosson, S. (2018). Experimental evolution of diverse Escherichia coli metabolic mutants identifies genetic loci for convergent adaptation of growth rate. PLoS Genet 14, e1007284.

Zheng, J., Chen, L., Skinner, O.S., Ysselstein, D., Remis, J., Lansbury, P., Skerlj, R., Mrosek, M., Heunisch, U., Krapp, S., Charrow, J., Schwake, M., Kelleher, N.L., Silverman, R.B., and Krainc, D. (2018). beta-Glucocerebrosidase Modulators Promote Dimerization of beta-Glucocerebrosidase and Reveal an Allosteric Binding Site. J Am Chem Soc.

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