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Training Outcomes

Training Outcomes (as of October 2019)

Of the 57 students who received training from the program during the past 15 grant years, 16 are presently in various stages of pre-doctoral training while 41 have graduated either with a PhD (38) or MS (3) degree.  Among the graduates, 9 (22%) are receiving post-doctoral training in academia, 3 (7%) have progressed to tenure-line faculty positions in academia, 8 (20%) are in industrial positions in various capacities, 3 (7%) are in teaching positions in academia, 5 (12%) are in medical school/residency, 7 (17%) are in other professions (e.g., grants officer, journal editor, technology transfer officer), 3 (7%) graduated with a Masters degree, and the status of 2 (5%) trainees are presently unknown, as the program has been unable to establish contact with these students (however, both students had secured post-doctoral positions in academia following graduation). The time-to-degree (TTD) statistic for trainees who graduated during the past 10 years is 6.5 years.

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